Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's It like at a B&B?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay at a B&B? Well, I can't tell you about all B&B's, but let me tell you a little bit about the Chocolate Turtle B&B which is located in the historic farming Village of Corrales New Mexico. In case you want to see what a B&B looks like, click onto http://www.chocolateturtlebb.com/ and there's even a video at this site that will take you on a personal tour of the "Turtle".

Nancy and Dallas (the owners) invite guests to stay in one of their 4 rooms - one room has two twin beds, two rooms have a queen bed, and another has a king and a single Taos bed- and all of the rooms have their own private bathrooms. Each room is different and colorful-you really feel like you are in the southwest. One room has a New Mexico screen door for the headboard ,another has a blue bannister from Mexico as the headboard, and the king room even has a private patio. Fresh flowers and chocolate turtle candies are in all the rooms. (One of the rooms is even named after me- Roadrunner!)

When guests arrive at the Turtle, Nancy or Dallas will greet them- even if they arrive late because their plane was delayed- and take them on a short tour. Frequently when the guests enter the foyer and see the beautiful turquoise fireplace, they say wow ! Next in the breakfast room, there's complimentary coffee, tea, sodas and water plus snacks available 24/7- yumm!! (You don't get this at hotels!) Nancy usually gives a little "lecture" on drinking water. Because we are at 5000 feet- high desert- it's important to stay hydrated. While state law prohibits us from serving alcohol, we provide wine glasses and an opener if our guests want to bring in their favorite beverage.

I mentioned the Breakfast Room. While we have to serve breakfast there in cold weather, we prefer to serve it outside on the portal (that's New Mexican for porch) in warm weather.My friends - the quail and bunnies - and I often provide entertainment during breakfast as we chase each other around the yard. sometimes I come up on the porch to welcome the guests and to get a piece of hamburger. (I'm going to tell you more about their great breakfasts another time.)

In case guests bring laptops, we have free wireless and for those who left their computers at home (because they are on vacation), there is a computer in the great room just in case they want to check e-mails or print their boarding passes. We have a TV in the great room, but most of the time the guests prefer to sit on the portal or patio and watch me and my friends and the ever changing Sandia Mountains. Wow- what a view is what the guests usually say the first time they see the mountain. It is quite impressive and is looks differeent every time I look at it. At sunset it turns a watermellon color (hence the name) for a brief period.

I hear my friends calling- gotta run!! I'll tell you about the rooms the next time.

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  1. Here's even a video at this site that will take you on a personal tour of the "Turtle".invite guests to stay in one of their 4 rooms.