Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More about Staying at a B&B

Spring is trying hard to come to the Chocolate Turtle B&B www.chocolateturtlebb.com Hi- it's me Romeo, the resident Road Runner at the Turtle. I'm back to tell you more about Bed and Breakfasts.

The big apricot tree out back bloomed about a week ago and as usual it got cold the next day- it even snowed a little- so we will probably not see any apricots again this year. The apple and cherry trees are blooming this week and the daffodils are everywhere!! Daffodils do well here because the bunnies don't like them.

Nancy has planted pansies and the bunnies have already nibbled on some of them even though she has them in pots that are sitting on stools. Those little guys sure are persistent. Many of the perennials that do well in the high desert are coming to life- the catmint, penstamons, salvias and even the chocolate flowers have little green leaves filling in the base of the plant. This is such a neat time of year in Corrales as the cottonwoods , salt cedar and russian olives begin budding out. Did I tell you- the Turtle is going to be on a Corrales Garden Tour on June 6? I'll tell you more about it and the gardens in another note.

Last time I wrote, I said I'd tell you more about our rooms. In additon to the colorful walls, there's a variety of local art in all the bedrooms. The Sandia Room features the colorful paintings of the Vargas family - Lawrence is the dad and Lawrence, Jr. and David are his sons. Nancy and Dallas met them when the boys were small- David was about 7 and just fell in love with their work. They use bright colors and depict traditional New Mexico scenes.

The Bunny room and the Quail room have a painting by Edward Gonzales who has a gallery in Corrales . Quilted wall hangings by Cathy Gormley (who had owned Quilts Ole in the Village) are in the Sandia and Road Runner rooms. You will see lots of pictures by Carolyn Langford , an artist from Santa Teresa, NM, throughout the Turtle. Nancy bought one of Carolyn's paintings the first summer she was in New Mexico and has quite a collection now.

The four bedrooms have comfortable seating for reading and several have desks. Comfy robes are in the closets. A CD player with CDs are there for your enjoyment as well. A little stuffed critter - including a road runner, quail, bunny and desert turtle - lives in each room and will welcome you .

Locally made bath products including shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel are in the bathrooms. They have a lovely cedar scent and many guests like to purchase them for friends. Color is found in all the rooms including our bed linens and bath towels.

I think this should give you a good idea about what you can expect to find in each room. Upon arrival you will be given two keys- one is for the front door and the other is to your room. So of course, you are free to come and go as you wish. (This is a question our first time B&B'ers have asked.) Our guests frequently tell us how comfortable they feel at the Turtle- they feel right at home! Hope my descriptions will help you better understand what it's like at a B&B!!

It's so pretty outside, I want to go play with my friends!! Will tell you more about the outdoors later. Romeo

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